Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why? (Day 46)

Could somebody please tell me why the lawn had to mowed and weed whacked in the middle of our yard sale? Don't get me wrong....Fred takes very good care of our lawn, and he's very proud of it. I can appreciate that. I'd actually say he's borderline OCD about it. And he's not the only one on our street. :) There's a friendly little competition between him and the next door neighbor. One mows, the other has to follow right behind. OMG! Kevin mowed! I better get out and do my yard! But why did it have to be done today, smack dab in the middle of the yard sale? Probably because somebody mowed his yard yesterday. That's it. It's actually that person's fault that my yard sale stuff got grass on it!
Fred also opened the pool today, not that anyone's getting in it any time soon. It's pretty darn cold!
Ferris wants to know "why" too. WHY, WHY do they insist on making me wear goofy things!??!


  1. OCD??? Organized Crime Division??? P.S. the year is 2009!

    What's that.....I see a patch of "yellow" flowers in your yard....just keep them away from my yard!!!

    Hey, want to buy a dishwasher...

  2. Excuuuuse me???? There are NO yellow flowers in our yard! Only purty red ones. Possibly some "yellow" grass; we do have a dog, after all.

    And what are you doing online? I saw you leave in your uniform. Shouldn't you be on a helicopter somewhere?

    PS - Your grass is longer than ours!

  3. Yes, longer....

  4. whose job is that small triangle of grass between the two driveways!!???

    I am very tired of looking at that long grass?!

  5. Gee, T, I don't know whose job it is. But I'll happily loan you my wonderful Cutco scissors if you'd like to cut it after work today. :)