Friday, May 22, 2009

Unofficial Start of Summer (Day 51)

Friday afternoon traffic heading to the shore -- the unofficial mark of the beginning of summer. This was taken on my way home from work around 2:30. What usually is a 20 minute ride took me 45 minutes. It was stop and go traffic almost the whole way home. This is a big part of why I try not to work on Fridays in the summer. Sometimes, though, I have to bite the bullet and work a Friday. Sunday nights and Monday mornings are just as bad heading back to Philly. Monday mornings you get all the people who stay "down the shore" for an extra night and head right to work from there.
Another sign summer is approaching....Rachel and a few friends went swimming after school. The water temp was 74 degrees, so I didn't go in. But the kids were in for about an hour or so.
Ferris went swimming in his little pool, too. He was running with the dog on the other side of the fence for a while. When he got too hot he'd come up on the deck for a drink and lay down in his pool. Almost looks like he's blowing raspberries here, but he was just hot. :-P to you, too, Ferris!

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