Monday, May 4, 2009

My Dinner Companion (Day 34)

Every night at dinner, this is who's sitting to my left. See that devilish smile? She knows what she's doing. She sits there looking all cute, waiting for a handout. I swear she thinks she's a dog sometimes. She begs at every meal.
This is her other side. This is the side of Violet that wants no part of being a dog. In fact, she pretty much kicks Ferris' butt on a daily basis. And he keeps coming back for more! He gets right up there in her face and she hits him repeatedly. It's fun to watch. Beavis does the same thing to the dog. The cats really look fierce sometimes, with their ears flat against their head. I figure if they're not enjoying it on some level they'd run and hide. And when they've had enough, that's what they do.

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