Saturday, May 9, 2009

Whatchu lookin' at? (Day 39)

Why does this young robin look so ticked off at me? Probably because my neighbor, T, and I inadvertently made it leave its nest prematurely. See, we saw a mama robin with food in its mouth fly into an evergreen, and we brilliantly deduced that there must be a nest in the tree. T has had robins nests for the last couple years in one of her trees, so she is quite the expert at stealthily checking out the nests. This time, though, apparently we weren't too stealthy and the two babies flew the coop. Well, one flew. The other kind of fell and ran. Or is it hopped? Anyway, he went towards the road. So of course T and I feel a responsibility to keep the little guy out of the road, so off we go into the road to try to get him to hop back towards his tree. He wasn't very bright, though. He kept going the opposite way. His more advanced sibling was sitting in a nearby tree, then flew into the maple in my front yard, which is where he was when I last saw him. The above picture is of "Hopper". He made it back near his tree. I'm thinking if he had tail feathers, maybe he could fly. So I took the liberty of giving him some.
That's better, right? Now he looks a little less, um, stumpy. Glad I could help him.
This is what we planted tonight. Yes, it's grass. Plain old backyard grass. Nice northeast grass, though. Not that yucky thick St. Augustine grass they have in Florida. I thought maybe if I make some grass readily available on the deck, Violet won't try to escape the confines of the deck when she's out there with us. Fred and I had pizza on the deck tonight (Rachel was at a friend's house) and Violet was out with us. She nibbled on this grass, then snuck down the steps. Instead of going in the grass, though, she was standing in my little herb garden, where the parsley has just barely sprouted.

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  1. Stealth? No such skill....inadvertently? You mean, while she was "rapidly egressing the area, yelling and screaming" the bird basically said, "yea, I'm outa here too"....