Monday, May 11, 2009

Blood Typing (Day 41)

The organization we've booked our China trip through, Our Chinese Daughters Foundation, requests you send them your blood type before travel. We didn't know any of our blood types, so we sent for a home test kit that OCDF suggests. Fred did his test first, and after poking his finger with the lancet, he made the mistake of telling Rachel it hurt. But I let Fred poke my finger, instead of doing it myself, and I barely felt it. It was just a little pinch.
The kit is kind of cook. Each circle has a different reagent in it, and you put a drop of water in each circle to activate the reagent. Then, after you poke your finger, you use a separate stick for each circle to apply a drop of blood and smear it around.
Fred's finger bled pretty good, and his card was very easy to read. I was opposite in every way!
I struggled to get enough blood fill each circle. And see that circle on the right? It's the control circle, and it's not supposed to be speckled like that. If it's speckled, it means the test was invalid. If the control panel weren't speckled and looked like one of the first two circles, it would mean I'm O positive. I think I'm going to order a new test and redo it.
Rachel's test if questionable. There were a few little speckles in the control circle. If her test is accurate, she's AB negative. Fred is A negative.
Tomorrow is a busy day. Rachel goes to the orthodontist at 8:00 to get her spacers. I have to run our visa applications to FedEx, stop at the mall to return something, transcribe my job from Friday, get poster board to make a yard sale sign for Saturday, make dinner and get Rachel to her first cheerleading practice with her new squad. There are one or two other errands I want to do, but I'll be darned if I can remember them now. I guess order a new blood type test would be one!

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