Friday, May 8, 2009

Tumbling Injury (Day 38)

Rachel took a little spill on the mat at tumbling last night which resulted in a brush burn and a sore elbow. She has tumbling again tomorrow morning (4th time this week), so hopefully the elbow will be better. She's still working on that back handspring. Part of the tumbling class is spent working on connecting her round-off and her back handspring. She's still being spotted on the back handspring, but is getting better at not pausing in between. I'm hoping to get a little video of it tomorrow.
Ferris, and I think everybody else, was happy the sun came out today! I worked from home today, and he bugged me all day to go out. He loves rolling in the grass and playing with the neighborhood kids. He's such a good dog....he stays in our yard pretty much, unless I walk into another yard...then he follows me. If he wanders too far from me, he comes right back when called.


  1. But he goes #2 wherever he wants too.....