Friday, May 15, 2009

"Cool" Find (Day 45)

Rachel and I went to Staples the other day for poster board to make signs for our yard sale tomorrow, and she spotted these at the checkout. I had been looking for small fans to take with us to China. It's going to be hot there, and I hate the heat. Heat is a big part of why I wanted to leave Florida. That and I missed the change of seasons. I guess the two kind of go hand in hand. Anyway, I was resigned to just buying a regular old fan for each of us once we get to Beijing. But these are so cool! They even have a little carabiner so we can hook them to our bags when we're out and about sightseeing. We'll just have to make sure we only put bottled water in them, though. No tap water! We don't want to be getting sick because spray from the fans got in our mouths. We don't want to get sick at all, obviously.

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