Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Separators (Day 42)

Rachel doesn't have blue gum stuck in her teeth here. She got separators today in preparation for braces. I guess the separators make it easier to get the actual braces on the teeth. She said they only hurt a little bit, and I was told chewing would make it feel better, so after her appointment we went to McDonald's for breakfast. I wanted to go to Denny's, but the Queen Bee wanted Mickey D's. And what does she order? French fries and a milkshake! Fries weren't made yet since it was only 9:30. She she had to make do with hashbrowns. And the milkshake wasn't ready until we finished eating. Glad she chose McDonald's! Then we went to the mall. The Macy's at our mall doesn't have athletic shoes, which was one of my main reasons for going. Couldn't find any at Kohl's, either. I'll have to hit either Famous Footwear or Sports Authority this week.
Her teeth bothered her a little at dinner last night, but we had spaghetti, so she suffered through.
She had her first cheerleading practice with her new squad last night. There were 37 girls! The biggest squad she's ever been on was, like, 22 girls. Some of the girls last night can do double back handsprings and back tucks. It's an all-star squad....they only do competitions....no more football games! At least until middle school, if she cheers there. So far she really liked it. She looked good, too. She backspotted one flyer doing just a basic stunt. Then she based another flyer doing basket tosses. She's been a backspotter for five years. She based a little bit last year, but backspotting is really what she knows. So I was proud to see her doing such a good job basing last night, especially on something a little more difficult like a basket toss, where the setup is different and you really have to throw the flyer up more.

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