Sunday, April 19, 2009

Planting for Butterflies (Day 19)

This is a bed we made at the end of last summer. We planted a corkscrew willow tree near an existing lilac bush (not shown) and added the bird bath. The two spots where we pulled up the mulch is where I'm going to plant dahlia bulbs. And on the front and back sides of the bird bath I planted echinacea seeds. I really hope the seeds take. Echinacea is supposed to attract butterflies, and to the right of this bed are a couple butterfly bushes.
This is a our little herb garden. Last year we planted parsley, oregano, basil and green onions. The oregano never really grew. The parsley and green onions kind of took over. It was all started from seeds except the basil. That started from a little plan, in the back left corner, and that's what I'm doing again this year. I'm skipping the oregano, though. The other pot in this picture is mint, and I'm going to try to grow that in a 10 inch clay pot on the deck. I love the parsley. It grows so easily, and we freeze it and use it all year long. Plus it attracts caterpillars that turn into swallowtail butterflies. Next I'll be getting online to see what other plants attract them, and I'll put some in front of the shed. I also want to try to attract hummingbirds.
Rachel painted happy little faces on her nails today. So cute!

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