Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Beautiful Palm Sunday (Day 5)

We went to church today for Palm Sunday. We attend Gloucester County Community Church, though we aren't officially members. Yet. I really enjoy it there. It's contemporary, so they have a full band and play contemporary Christian music. Growing up in a home where church/religion wasn't the norm, my knowledge of religion is limited. But I can understand the sermons at GCCC. And the Pastor has a great sense of humor during service. Children 5th grade and younger go to Sunday School. This morning I signed Rachel into the 5th grade class. She's in 4th. Oops. I didn't even notice until I went back to pick her up. She was in the 4th grade class, and no one said anything to me, so it must not have been a big deal.

We did get our palms this morning. Wanna know the best thing about getting palms?
Free cat toys!

This? Almost never happens. Either the dog is chasing the cats, or the cats are hissing at the dog, or the dog is trying to (playfully) bite the cats' tails, or the cats just run away when the dog gets near. But this time Violet and Ferris had their eyes on the same robin. That and they were enjoying the beautiful day.

It's days like this that make working from home so hard. Weekdays are one thing, although there are plenty of distractions then, too. But nice weekend days I just hate to stay inside. Ferris feels the same. He enjoyed his popsicle outside in the sunshine.


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