Friday, April 3, 2009

April Showers (Day 3)

Heavy rain/thunderstorms today were followed by lots of sunshine. And then the clouds started to roll in again. The picture below was taken at 6:11 p.m.

The next picture was taken at 6:38 p.m. looking in pretty much the same direction, just slightly to the left of the prior picture.

Then the Queen Bee said "Take my picture." So naturally I did.

I learned a lesson today in Philly. I parked in a different parking garage because of where my job was and because it was raining. If I'd rode the train or parked in my normal garage I would have had to walk about 6 blocks in the heavy rain. (I'm a baby, I know) I was prepared to park at the crown plaza and pay $24. Crazy, yes. A block before I got there I saw a sign for another garage that said "Early Bird Special, In By 9 AM, $14." Great! It was only 8:50. Now, I've parked in lots of different garages, but the ramps in this one were the narrowest I'd ever seen. Somewhere around level 4 they decided to make half the garage "Reserved Spaces Only." Fine, but I didn't notice that until I'd gotten to the next ramp, which was blocked by a big 'ol Lincoln. (This garage is part of an apartment building) So I had to back up and go up another ramp. Then I made the same mistake on the next level. My own fault, but it's still a stupid design. The next level had a valet guy. So I let him park it because I wasn't able to make the turn to the next ramp because of how narrow it was and I was getting dirty looks from people. Went to my job and was back at the garage by 10:40. Scanned my parking ticket and it asked for $24. I went back and rechecked the early bird sign. In tiny little print at the bottom it says "Out between 3PM and 6PM." So to save $10 I would have had to stay there an extra FIVE hours! I have never seen a restriction like this in any other garage in the city. You can bet I will NEVER go back to the Kennedy House Parking Garage again!

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