Thursday, April 23, 2009

Missed His Calling (Day 23)

Fred missed his calling. Not that he isn't really good at his day job, but I think he should have gone to culinary school. Heck, maybe he still should. He is such a good cook, and my waistline pays for it! Tonight we made Pioneer Woman's chicken scallopine. I say "we" because I act as Fred' sous chef. I had the chicken seasoned and breaded before he got home from his real job. I also got out all the other ingredients the recipe called for and had the big pot of water heated up and waiting for the pasta. I forgot to get linguine at the store, so we used thin spaghetti. It was just as good.

This picture doesn't make it look as good as it was. I could do without the capers, but otherwise, it is yummy! Even Rachel said it tastes like something you get in a restaurant. Pioneer Woman has some of the best recipes. I'm also really fond of her brisket and onion strings.

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