Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Ice Cream Man Cometh (Day 4)

Spring is officially here when Mr. Softee shows up! This wasn't our usual Mr. Softee dude. No complaints, though. This guy was kind of cute, in a bad boy kind of way! Last summer Mr. Softee had some competition come around our neighborhood a few times. We'll just call him "Red Rabbit" (wink, wink). One day Red Rabbit supposedly decided to follow some girls down the street, riding real slow behind them. The girls got a little creeped out, told someone about it, and the cops were called. Red Rabbit hasn't been around since. That's okay. We like Mr. Softee better.

Right before Mr. Softee showed up, Fred was teaching Rachel how to upload pictures from her camera onto the Macbook. Look at the concentration on her face! LOL....


  1. I like what you write!!

  2. At our house, Nora loves to be the one to show off her computer skills. Just wait Fred, one day our kids will be wizzing by us in their computer skills!