Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday in our house.....(Day 6)

...means tumbling lessons. Rachel takes a tumble-for-cheer class, so when she starts cheerleading again she'll have more of the tumbling skills. She's currently working on her back handspring. She's doing pretty good with it, and I hope by the time this 9-week cycle is over she'll have it. Tonight she did a couple of them without a spotter into a "pit." They have a tumble track, which is like a long trampoline in the floor, at the end of which is a soft pit to land in. She stands on the end of the trampoline part and does the back handspring into the pit. She does it with a spotter on a "cheese mat" which is a mat shaped like a wedge of cheese.

This first picture is the beginning of a round-off rebound. She does a round-off and jumps out of it at the end to get ready to go right into a back handspring. Her toes should be pointed here. :)This one is the end of her round-off. I love that I caught her completely airborne!
She's working on her handstand, too.

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