Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day! Day 1

I kind of thought April Fool's Day made an appropriate day to start a blog, and this seems like an appropriate picture! Am I a fool for taking on another project? Probably. Oh well! At least it's a fun project.

Happy Birthday to all the April Fool's Day babies, including my Goddaughter Emma, my sister-in-law Karri, my soon-to-be sister-in-law Amanda and FERRIS! Ferris is 4 years old today, but he's only been with us for a year and 2 months. We had a little celebration for him tonight.

Presents were given.

He even got a birthday Krimpet.
He's such a good boy, and we're so lucky to have him. Too bad the cats don't agree.

Ferris came to us by way of Karri, who had a co-worker who had a daughter who needed to get rid of a Boston Terrier. Karri knew Rachel and I always wanted a BT. So last February, for Rachel's birthday, his previous owners brought him to us. I can't imagine why anyone would get rid of this sweet dog. I know they were moving to a smaller place and wouldn't have room for him to run, so I don't fault them. We are actually his third (and last!) owners. We were told his first owner may have abused him, and we tend to believe this because Ferris is scared to death of Fred. He's gotten a little better over the course of the year, but he's still afraid of him. It's only Fred -- not all men or anything like that.

Ferris is not perfect...he's a bit of a, um, puker. Sometimes it's random. It always happens if he drinks a lot of water. I won't go into what he's been known to throw up. You don't want to know. Trust me.

So for those of you wondering what the 365 stands for in the name of my blog, a Project 365 is basically taking a picture a day and posting it on a blog. I like to take lots of pictures, though, so it'll be interesting to see how many posts actually have only one picture. I originally tossed around the idea of a blog to keep family updated when we travel to China this summer, but then I saw other Project 365 blogs and thought it looked like fun. Hopefully it will be for me and anyone who decides to follow along.


  1. I love you guys....

  2. Aunt Carol, I love these pictures of Ferris...and Jade.

  3. Yup, you have waaaaaaay toooooo much free time..........