Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Parties and a Cat (Days 69, 70 and 71)

This is Delaney and Haleigh, my sister-in-law Dawn's girls. Dawn had a reception on Saturday to celebrate her wedding last November to Brian. Fred was taking pictures at the party and somehow managed to NOT get a picture of the bride and groom. Sunday I took Rachel to a friend's birthday party. This is not the friend having the party. This is another mutual friend. Because, like Fred on Saturday, I managed to not get a picture of the guest of honor at the party.
Sunday night we were sitting out on the deck for a while and let Violet out with us. She normally stays on the deck with us, but this time she jumped into the grass. I think at first she was chasing a mouse or a mole or some small critter in the grass. She had a mouse trapped the other day in the grass, but I distracted her and she lost it. This time she lost the mouse or whatever all on her own, and then started stalking the birds around the birdfeeders. In this picture there is a robin on the corner of the shed that was not too happy about Violet being there. The robin had food in its mouth and was apparently trying to get to a baby in the nest under our deck. A couple other small bird (wrens or finches maybe?) landed on the grass not too far from the basketball and I thought for sure Violet was going to get one.
Violet has a tough life. If she's not outside stalking prey, she spends a lot of time here, on her perch, hanging around. She's looking a little annoyed here because I had the nerve to wake her from her 45th nap of the day. Poor thing.

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  1. If she had a hockey stick she would have had a mouse to play with!