Monday, June 8, 2009

(Day 65)

I stopped at CVS today to pick up some of the prescriptions we're taking to China with us. This does not include the meds Fred and I take every day. These five bottles represent amoxicillin for Rachel, Macrobid for me and an anti-malarial for all three of us. What I didn't notice until I got home was that Rachel's anti-malarial prescription is for 10 pills, while Fred's is 5 and mine is 4. What's up with that? When I got the script for Rachel, the pediatrician said to take the first dose the week before we leave and take one a week, continuing for four weeks after we return home. I wish I'd have noticed while I was still there. I'd have asked the pharmacist about it, since I already was talking to him about Hepatitis A vaccines. I'm still looking into that. I wish I had records from 1998/99 or remembered if we'd completed the Hep A series back then. If I have my doctor order it from CVS, it's $95 for each shot, so almost $400 for Fred and me to do the series again. I also forgot to ask my doctor for a script for both Fred and me for Cipro. I feel like I'm spending as much on meds for this trip than I have on airfare!

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