Monday, June 1, 2009

Big Job (Day 61)

This is the stack of steno notes for the job I'm working on and have to have done by Wednesday, 6/3. I started working on it this morning and worked all day, out on the deck again. The job will be about 230 pages when done, and I have about 50 more pages to go. I proofread 70 pages of it at Rachel's tumbling tonight, too. It'll feel so good to have this job done and out!

When this screen pops up, I usually have a melt down. Me personally; the computer. It means the software is having trouble reading my steno notes off my steno machine. Every once in a while it absolutely will not dump the notes, and I end up having to re-write the jobs, which really stinks. It might be time to upgrade. My machine is (yikes!) 23 years old, and my software is version 1. I think they're up to maybe version 9 now. Definitely gonna have to look into upgrading later this year.


  1. The Blue Screen is calling you............hey, if your vehicle inspection is behind a year or so what makes you think your software version should be updated?

  2. What are you talking about? I have a current inpsection