Saturday, June 6, 2009

Parsley! (Day 65)

We had a lot of rain (again!) this week, and our little herb garden loved it. The parsley really shot up in the last couple days. So did the weeds. I pulled most of them, and then discovered we only have one or two green onions growing. Last year I planted way too many seeds and didn't do a very good job thinning them out as they grew. This year I obviously didn't plant enough seeds. The basil doesn't seem to have grown much at all since we planted it. The mint (not shown) is doing really well in the pot.

This young robin sat on the stones in front of our house for the longest time this morning. He had a couple siblings with him at first, but they scared more easily and flew away as soon as they saw me watching through the window. This one, though, plopped himself down and got comfortable. Then he started calling for his mama.

And she came back and fed him, which I wasn't quick enough to get a photo of.

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