Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trade Fair

Rachel is in the EXCEL program at school, and every year the fifth grade EXCEL students have a Trade Fair. They have to create a "business" -- whether it's a game, a product or a service -- and try to make a profit at the Trade Fair. Rachel created a "Wishful Wheel." It is basically a spinning wheel game for prizes. She had three different prizes: 76ers beads, friendship bracelets and super balls. They can purchase various forms of advertising, such as hanging posters, making a commercial during morning announcements, etc. Any money they spend they have to keep track of and pay back out of their profits. So they were supposed to try to make prizes or use things from around the house and not use food as a prize.
Rachel's Wishing Wheel did pretty good. She didn't make the highest profit, but she followed the rules and had a lot of customers, so it was successful.
I think her next big project will be the wax museum. That should be a fun one.

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