Friday, September 4, 2009


Rachel and I went to Long Beach Island to visit our neighbors at their shore house, and they took us out on their boat. We went in the bay, and Rachel got to try tubing for the first time. The water was a bit chilly, or I would have gone. We used to enjoy tubing when we lived in Florida, except that one time on Lake Tarpon, because I was scared to death I'd get dumped out of the tube and an alligator would get me. We liked the Intercoastal better, and the water was nice and warm there.
Notice how far forward Rachel is on the tube in the first picture? That was a mistake. As soon as the boat started to pull her, the front of the tube went under water and so did Rachel. Lesson learned! She kept freaking herself out thinking about what could be swimming around under her because the boat had a fish finder, and it kept beeping that there were fish below us.
She did enjoy it for a little while. And then she was done. She refused to get off the tube and swim back to the boat. She made Kevin pull her in. She did the same thing getting on the tube. Climbed right on the tube from the boat. What a wimp, right?!?!?! Yeah, she kinda takes after her mom on that one.
Now here's the pro! He was even being a hot dog and not holding on at all. Or he would change positions without asking to slow down.
Then he was a good boy and took a turn with his little sister.
Then Kevin was a good boy and towed in another Boston Whaler just like his. Poor guy just pushed back from the dock and the engine died. He drifted a bit until Kevin rescued him.

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  1. Tell Rachel my fishfinder is broken, hasn't found many fish. Maybe it's on "demo" mode since the same fish keep scrolling on past. Water chilly? It was 74 degrees??? I don't recall the water temperature being the "reason"....