Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let's Go Phillies!

We went to the Phillies game tonight, just Rachel, Fred and me. They played the Houston Astros, and a win for the Phillies would cinch a playoff spot and the National League East Championship.

This and crab fries from Chickies and Pete's was pretty much my dinner. We need to plan better next time we go to a game. I forgot how expensive everything is! $4.25 for a bottle of Coke!

Houston had the bases loaded in this shot. I think it was near the beginning of the game, and I think there were already two outs. The rally towels were out, hoping to get the third out before any runs get in.
This is the big Liberty Bell that lights up and rocks back and forth when the Phils hit a home run.
Raul Ibanez....he was the only one to light up the Liberty Bell tonight.

The rally towels came out once more in the top of the ninth inning and the Phillies beat the Astros 10-3. Fireworks were set off to celebrate the NL East Championship.And the team celebrated at first base, where the last out of the night was made.
It was a great game and a fun night.
And I almost forgot! We were on TV. Our seats were right next to one of the cameramen, and he recognized Fred and put us on. The funniest thing was the Phillies weren't playing too well before that, and after we were on, they scored a bunch of runs! Of course, being the airhead I am, I forgot to set the DVR to record the game, so we didn't get to see ourselves. Oh well, what can you do!?!?

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