Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hersheypark Happy!

Last weekend we took Rachel and her friend Emily to Hersheypark. We've been wanting to go all summer, but there was so much going on this summer we just didn't have time. Until now. We picked Emily up at 9:00 and hoped to be in the park by noon, but with the Schuylkill Expressway traffic, you just never know. We've been stuck on the Expressway and been as much as an hour late to where we're going. Fortunately this time there was just a little bit of construction traffic and, even with dropping Ferris off at Fred's parents' house, we were in the park by 12:15. And stayed until almost 10 p.m. We had beautiful weather and so much fun. I just love Hersheypark. It takes me back to when I was a kid and Grandma used to take me and Eileen there. In fact, at one point Rachel and Emily were running ahead of us and it totally reminded me of me and Eileen.
This is the Great Bear roller coaster. We rode this baby twice. All four of us loved it.

Rachel and Emily rode the Scrambler while Fred and I watched.
Riding the Skyview. Earlier in the day when we walked under the Skyview, someone on the ride had been dropping popcorn onto people below. When we were waiting in line Rachel and Emily asked for popcorn. Yeah, that wasn't happening.
The giant swings. One of my all-time favorites. But I got really dizzy this time. I must be getting old. Or maybe it was because I was turned around taking pictures of the girls. Yeah, that's it.
Overall shot of Hersheypark from the Kissing Tower. If you click on the picture you can see it bigger. Rachel loves the Storm Runner roller coaster. It shoots you out of the starting gate at about 72 mph. and then you go up the big hill and straight down at 90 degrees. Fred rode that with her. I rode Fahrenheit with her. Oh. My. Gosh. We rode it after dark, and it takes you straight up in the air at 90 degrees. All we saw going up were the stars in the sky. Then you go down. The drop is 97 degrees. Yes, more than a 90 degree drop. I screamed the entire ride. What insane person designs these rides!?!??! It was fun, though. I'd ride it again. Maybe I'd scream fewer obscenities next time.
This ride I won't ride again. This is the Wildcat. It's one of several wooden roller coasters at Hersheypark. This was the first ride we rode that day, and I had a nagging headache the rest of the day because of it. Don't get me wrong, I love wooden roller coasters, and this one was great until the end. There are a couple little bumps and jerks at the end that just killed my neck. I know jerky rides will do that, but I thought this one would be okay. I was wrong.
Even with a little nagging headache, we had a great day. It was so much fun, and we're hoping to go back in December for Christmas Candylane. We try to go to that every year. It's so pretty with all the lights. I just love Hershey, both the park and the chocolate!

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