Saturday, September 26, 2009

Closing the Pool

We closed the pool for the winter today.
First thing is vacuuming it really good and testing the water. Ours was a little low in pH, so we increased that.
Then you add the winterizer. Then you realize you were supposed to lower the water level and get mad because half the winterizer was probably wasted when you finally did lower the water to the appropriate level.
Then, because the pool is taking a nap for seven or eight months, you give it a pillow. Actually the pillow will keep the cover up and hopefully any rainwater that accumulates will drain off the sides.
Then you make your husband crawl under the deck to clip the cover on. Under the deck is where all the nasty spiders go during the day, and there's NO way I was going under there. What is up with all the spiders this fall?? There seem to be so many more than usual. They give me the heebie jeebies something awful. Ever since that giant wolf or wood spider or whatever the giant hairy thing was that got into my house in Florida, I have been terrified of them. HATE them. They make my skin crawl.
Anyway, now the pool is closed until next April/May and I'm sad. I love fall and winter, but it's so much prettier to look out my kitchen window and see the pretty blue of the pool than to see they yucky cover that gets dirtier and dirtier as the winter goes on.

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