Friday, October 30, 2009


This is my neighbor's son at the bus stop this morning. How cute that he's dressed just like Ferris! Rachel wore her costume to school, too. Pictures of her will be up tomorrow. Her class had a party today. One of their activities was for each group (4 or 5 desks make up a group) to decorate one of the kids in that group as a mummy with all kinds of crazy accessories. Rachel was the mummy for her group, and they won! I know she wore a coconut bra as part of it, and maybe a cowboy hat. A room mom took pictures, so I'm hoping to get a copy.
This was on one of our neighbor's front yards. Very cool!

I've had more work this week than I have in months. That's a good thing, and I hope it keeps happening, but between long jobs and cheerleading/tumbling, I haven't been taking many pictures. I'll try to do better next week.

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