Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Fred!

For his birthday "cake" Fred chose a banana cream pie. He also bought it himself when he and Rachel were at Sam's Club. Rachel and I were going to get him a cake when we went out later, but he came home with this. Hey, it's his birthday....he can have whatever kind of cake he wants! He also cooked his own breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mainly because he's a much better cook than I am, but also because I'm working on a big job and didn't have the time to cook a big elaborate dinner. Fred made tortellini with chicken in a homemade sauce. Not sure what was in the sauce. It was tasty, though.
Ferris wasn't too sure about the card we got Fred. It barked and talked, and that freaked him out a little bit.
He was pretty interested in all of Fred's presents, including the little hair trimmer. He really wanted a piece of the whiffle ball and bat.
But Ferris was most interested in the Milkbone that was in the bottom of the bag!
His birthday was pretty low-key due to my having to work almost all day, but I hope he enjoyed it nonetheless!

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