Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting Ready for School

Rachel starts 5th grade on September 8th. This week we got her hair cut and went to the orthodontist. She got pink and black bands on her braces to match her first day of school outfit. I have a confession...I let her get her eyebrows waxed, too. Just a tiny, little bit in between the eyebrows and some of the strays underneath.

On September 8th we are also leaving for London. We are going to send Rachel to school for a half a day and pick her up around lunch time. Then we'll drive to Newark for our 6:30 flight to London. We're meeting my dad in London. He's been invited by the Kew Society to unveil a plaque honoring my grandfather's Army unit that was stationed there in World War II. We will also be donating my grandfather's books from the war to a library there. My dad donated his maps a few years ago. The U.S. soldiers stationed at Kew during WWII prepared maps in preparation for the Normandy Landing. Dad is going to be introduced at the ceremony by the Mayor of London as a descendant of a US Serviceman who was stationed in Kew.

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