Friday, March 19, 2010

Taylor Swift Concert

Fred surprised us tonight with tickets for the Taylor Swift concert.
It was Rachel's first concert, and it was a really good one!
After going into the crowd to sing a song, Taylor walked through the audience to this small stage at the opposite end of the arena to sing a few songs. Then she walked through the audience back up to the main stage. It was a really nice touch, hugging and shaking hands with so many of her fans.
This was the set for "Love Story," which I loved. It's one of my favorite songs of hers.
This was the finale, and I'm pretty sure the song was "Should've Said No." She had water raining down on her, and gaps in the water would spell out words, like "no." It was very cool. Overall, I think Rachel really enjoyed her first concert. It was hard to tell sometimes, though, because, as with everything, she seemed to be studying it. She has always been a big observer. She takes everything in.

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