Sunday, February 7, 2010

University of Delaware Competition

Here they come!!! On their way to a First Place finish!!
This was actually last Sunday. We pulled out of today's competition because of all the snow. (More on that in the next post)

What we didn't know at the time was that Emily hurt her knee pretty bad at tumbling the day before. She was a trooper and did everything in the routine, including her back handsprings. But my friend Kim took her to the hospital and she's now on crutches. She's waiting for an appointment at AI DuPont Hospital for Children next week. The first hospital told her it was her ACL, but the follow-up orthopedist said her patella punctured a hole in the bone behind it. Either way, she's off her knee for ten days. So for Emily, it's a good thing we pulled out of the competition today.

I'm having hardware issues....the card for my new camera won't work in my computer, and the card reader I use is broken. So I can't access those pictures until Fred gets me a new one, hopefully today.

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