Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally in Ningdu!

After a two-hour flight (on which they served a hot lunch....when was the last time that happened in the U.S?), followed by a 4+ hour drive, we finally arrived in Ningdu! What a beautiful drive it was. There was a LOT of construction along the drive, but there were way more rice fields and lotus fields, not to mention huge mountains. Our local guide, Alicia, noticed me pointing out the water buffalo and when we saw one standing alongside the rode, the driver pulled over so I could take pictures. The locals got a kick out of that.

Tomorrow morning someone from the orphanage will meet us and our guide in the lobby and we will head to the orphanage where we will be able to review Rachel's file, see the babies, ask questions, give our gifts, host a lunch and most importantly meet the person who found Rachel and brought her to the orphanage. I have to remember to bring tissues.

The best part of today was finally meeting me email friend Xiaoting. We no sooner got to our room when she rang our bell and we greeted each other with a big hug. Tomorrow after we are finished at the orphanage, we plan to meet up with Xiaoting again so she can show us Ningdu. We will probably to go Cui Wei Mountain. Then we will have dinner together. I can't say how happy I am that we have a friend in Rachel's hometown.

The internet connection here is slow, but at least we have it. If I have time tomorrow or Sunday I will try to post a few pictures, but since I am relying on the kindness of a friend to do my updates, I won't do too many. (Thanks again, Dave!)

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